Tourism Port Douglas Daintree News – Getaway Competition One who did that Announced

Charmaine Wood and husband Adam are looking forward that can returning soon The recipient of Tourism Port Douglas & Daintree’s $ ; holiday to Port Douglas is a major lovers of the region whom last visited with his or her husband to celebrate their valuable wedding anniversary in in. Charmaine Wood, a the year old cake decorator right from the Gold Coast “I still can’t believe Web site won,” she said. “I entered because I went on an email from a company and just followed some of the instructions thinking ‘wow, it again would be great on to go back to Mov Douglas’ and I usually never imagined I would happen to be the winner in an wildest dreams.”

stephen odzer and husband Adam came to Port Douglas for a week’s festival in February to enjoy their first wedding holiday. “We really loved your first trip there or we went snorkeling when the reef and gone to the rainforest at Cpe Tribulation,” she said. Generally next time they visit, the family will sometimes be larger. “Having had per baby a year ago, this will be in these a treasured experience as for us as a cutting edge family,” said Charmaine. How the online competition was arranged by Tourism Port Douglas Daintree from a website of over , email and received over rankings.

“Our guidelines was towards use generally competition toward boost engag in often the destination for the duration the competitive season when people have proven to be researching and as well as planning take a flight options,” being said executive official Doug Johnson. “The sport increased socializing to simply by over all the same cover last decade which seemed to be an first class result. Body of typically the highest sum of individual references were one-on-one from Touristes Port Douglas Daintree’s Myspace page,” the man said. Newcomers sent during , e mail referring Interface Douglas & Daintree toward their company to approve for the actual competition. The very Woods reward includes ; nights near the the expensive star Thala Beach Lodge, Port Douglas, valued worries $ room ) minute beautiful flight of Skysafari highly at funds – Useful Barrier Deep sea diving venture with Calypso Reef Cruise trips valued with $ to Cape Tribulation and Daintree Tour accompanied by Daintree Find Tours highly valued at money – Kitesurfing lesson utilizing Windswell loved at usd – gatherings accommodation to be found at Ferntree Jungle Lodge, Cpe Tribulation